For companies who want to make the right decision

Having come up with a good idea is one thing. Getting the investment to carry it out is another. Businesses must be sure they are allocating scarce funds in the correct areas and that there are justified reasons why the strategy has been chosen.

Incremental Group offers assistance to companies faced with this challenge exploiting both experience in business case development and their wide experience in the delivery of value creating technical solutions.

Incremental Group uses an 8-case model, that takes the OGC 5-case model and adds Technical, Organisational and Governance cases. Incremental believes the OGC 5-case model has limitations when applied to digital transformation opportunities where a wider perspective is needed.

Using a range of stakeholder engagement activities including workshops, one-to-one interviews and observation, Incremental Group assesses:

  • The compelling need for change and strategic fit of the opportunity
  • The value for money perspective of the opportunity
  • The attractiveness of the opportunity within the vendor community
  • The affordability of the opportunity
  • The delivery requirements of each stakeholder
  • The impact of the opportunity on organisational culture
  • The architectural fit with other organisational solutions
  • The compliance and regulatory obligations of the opportunity

Incremental Group doesn’t stop there. We recognise that different perspectives carry more importance.  Affordability may be more important that integration or the impact on culture may outweigh other factors.  Consequently, Incremental Group uses a balance scorecard approach, determining which perspectives rank highest and accordingly carry more weight. Using this approach ensures that the business case is most relevant and supports selection according to the needs and objectives of the company.


Formal business case development is staged with creation of a high-level case in the first instance followed later with a detailed case.  Incremental Group believes a suitably detailed, 8-case business case lying between the formal document can be drafted in an ten-day consultancy exercise allocating one day per perspective an the remainder to formal document creation.


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