Application modernisation guide


Application Modernisation Guide

Accelerate your journey to the cloud

The average organisation today operates hundreds, and sometimes thousands of applications that support core practices. Many of these applications were developed years ago. At the time they were designed, it was hard to imagine the new technology that was to come and the advancements it would bring.

Applications or databases designed years ago were hosted on-premises where resources were deployed in-house and within an organisation’s IT infrastructure.  The problem that organisations are now facing is how do they leverage the cloud for both new cloud-native applications and traditional applications that were never designed to run in the cloud. To address these challenges, organisations must leverage cloud technology to reduce IT costs, reduce the risks of end-of-support events, and to realise new cloud capabilities.

This guide discusses the benefits of application modernisation, the migration paths to modernise your existing applications, and application modernisation offers from Incremental Group to assist you in moving your applications to the cloud.  This guide is aimed at those responsible for their organisation’s technology strategy and covers:

  • Drivers for application modernisation
  • Benefits of cloud application modernisation
  • Ways to modernise applications
  • Cloud application modernisation offers