Why perform an Application Modernisation Assessment?

  • Achieve a full picture of application estate
  • Optimise investment with fast and accurate migration analysis 
  • Implement a strategic plan for your cloud journey.  

Our approach

We work closely with your IT and application teams to deliver a comprehensive Application Modernisation Assessment with detailed recommendations to align your cloud strategy with organisational objectives. Using analytic tooling, the assessment delivers a detailed report on your applications cloud readiness with highly reliable application remediation estimates and recommended changes down to the code block level.

2 to 4 week delivery timeline:

Assessment outcomes:

  • App Modernisation estimate
  • Containerised App estimate
  • Detailed Code Level analysis
  • SQL DB migration
  • SQL Managed Instance
  • Azure cost analysis
  • App security and compliance
  • Full analysis of 3-5 applications.

This assessment may be complementary for your organisation. To discuss your requirements, please enquire using the form and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss further.