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Trust your cloud - a guide to Microsoft Azure security, cost optimisation, monitoring and governance

There are so many moving parts within a Microsoft Azure cloud environment, which can make organisations unsure about how to properly secure their data and applications. Threats and breaches are on the rise and it is your organisation’s job to ensure sensitive data and business-critical applications are not compromised.

IT and business leaders need the right technologies and processes to help them build scalable, reliable, cloud solutions while taking the necessary steps to secure data and help ensure privacy and compliance across the organisation.

At Incremental we have invested heavily in building trust with our Microsoft Azure customers by helping them get the assurance they need from Azure - in turn allowing them to trust their cloud. 

Download our guide to discover how you too can trust your cloud with Azure. The guide covers:
• Security in Azure
• Azure monitoring capabilities  
• Cost optimisation with Azure
• Building governance
• Azure assurance packages to get you started.