For companies who want to invest in a new ERP System

So, analysis says you need an ERP system. The next step is to get buy in and funding from executive sponsors: the Board, Finance, HR, Operations among others. It’s also best for you to get buy in from functional management and the rest of IT.

Incremental Group offers assistance to companies faced with this challenge by facilitating a five-day engagement based on agile sprint concepts- the business case (BC) Sprint. Based on the fact that some of the justification has already been made (we assume!), we condense our standard 8-case model for business case analysis focusing on the steps indicated below.

During the sprint we will explore your processes, reporting periods that can be improved (month and year end), administrative tasks that can be automated and more to build the case for your new system.

Building a sound business case is like building a house - from bottom up, making it secure and sound before presenting it to the prospective owner.  We use this analogy within the sprint.


Day 1 - Foundations

Day 1 consists of a focused analysis of each of the 8 cases, identifying evidence to support each case or addressing any gaps that need to be closed to ensure buy in.  For each case, consideration is given to the relevant stakeholder needs, the changes to the status quo the new system brings and added value delivered.  We work with stakeholders to gain insight into which case ranks higher that others so that later work can address priorities. 


Day 2 – Brickwork

Day 2 builds stronger, interlinked justification for the system. Whist each case can stand on its own merits, more success (and buy in) is achieved where there is a collective, holistic value add.  Using design principles, cross-benefits of cases are identified and strengthened making sure each ties in with the others:

  • Financial, Economic and Commercial balance across internal and external needs
  • Management and Organisational map to derive resource requirements
  • Enterprise and Governance map to identify controls and standards; and each of the above remain aligned to Strategic objectives.

Day 3 – Making Water tight

By Day 3 a strong balanced business case will be developing. At this point we need to do a litmus test to see if it stands up to the scrutiny of stakeholders. Pulling together the user stories on which the cases have been presented, they are tested by exposing the value proposition and benefit of change to selected stakeholders.  Feedback allows refinement of the cases to be made prior to submission to ensure approval is achieved first time around.

 Day 4 – Finishing Touches

On Day 4 evidence and justification is pulled together into a short form presentation.  Incremental Group believes, if strong evidence can be presented, there is no need for wordy, paper-based documentation.  As we live in a multimedia world, presenting a business case in such a form makes understanding and approval more amenable and rapid.  Incremental Group uses many styles of presentation in representing a business case and it would not be unusual to include short stakeholder opinion video, mock up work-throughs, user storyboards and similar approaches.  Ultimately the presentation is constructed to make decision and approval straightforward for use in Day 5.


Day 5 – Handing Over

On Day 5, the presentation created on Day 4 is put forward to stakeholders. The audience should be made up by representatives of areas affected by the new solution and those where specific cases are relevant. Bear in mind the approach is to present a balanced business case and hence it is advisable to weight the audience accordingly whilst ensuring the executive and ultimate decision makers are present. Incremental Group suggests the presentation and any subsequent clarification or endorsement questions are handled in no more that a 2 hour slot.  Any more and we get into information overload or have unmet challenges yet to address. Finally, Remember to celebrate approval and having an outline implementation plans is a good idea.


Please contact us to book your Business Case sprint or to ask any questions.