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Operations management is concerned with designing and controlling transactional processes and redesigning business operations in the delivery of goods or services in turn creating Target Operating Models (TOM).

The terminology Target Operating Model however means different things to different people.  In order to address this challenge and assure consistency across the organisation, Incremental Group uses The POLISM approach and acronym derived by Campbell, Guitierrez and Lancelott.

  • Processes – the work that needs to be done to deliver the value proposition or service proposition
  • Organisation – the people who will do the work and how they are structured
  • Locations – where the work is done and what assets are needed in these locations
  • Information – the information systems that support the work
  • Suppliers – what organisations provide inputs to the work and what sort of relationships exist with these organisations.
  • Management systems – the planning, budgeting, performance management, risk management, continuous improvement and people management processes needed to run the organisation

In supporting Operations Management, Incremental Group investigates each of the six themes above and creates a high level, graphical canvas of the existing operating model. Then, with the support of stakeholders in one-to one or workshop engagement, Incremental Group assesses the viability, weaknesses and gasp in the model to derive a series of improvement activities using where appropriate further re-usable analytical tools and methodologies including:

  • Stakeholder maps
  • Customer journeys
  • Empathy maps
  • SIPOC analysis
  • RACI allocation
  • Capability mapping

The output of the engagement is a holistic and organisationally wide accepted high-level, graphical representation of the desired Operating Model which can be further iterated internally, or with Incremental Group, to establish the appropriate level of detail for compliance and governance. 


Timescales are subject to complexity of organisational processes. Incremental Group suggests a minimum twelve days is allocated to the high-level design engagement and deliverables, but the process will be tailored to your requirements


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