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Value stream mapping is a flowchart method to illustrate, analyse and improve the steps required to deliver a product or service. A key part of lean methodology, Value stream mapping reviews the flow of process steps and information from origin to delivery to the customer.

Incremental Group adopts Value Stream Mapping as a key activity within its Transformational Support Service portfolio.

Five key steps in preparation for a separate Implementation Project are delivered:

  • Identification. Working with in-house stakeholders, Incremental Group Transformation agent identifies the existing process flows within your company working from origin to delivery. Using one-to-one meetings or participative workshops an understanding of how work is currently conducted is established.
  • Capture. Using agreed tools and media, the Incremental Group Transformation agent documents the process flows identified above, supporting the capture where appropriate with the collation of supporting evidence and documentation in an associated digital repository.
  • Validation. At workshop or with one-to-one engagement with stakeholders, the Incremental Group Transformation agent ensures the captured value stream process is accurate and comprehensive. Subject to feedback, changes to the process are made and an endorsed version signed off.
  • Segmentation. In line with agreed maturity, capability and value determination, and with the participation of stakeholders, the Incremental Transformation agent allocates process sub-elements across the classifications. Value improvement statements are established for each sub-element, measured in appropriate metrics.
  • Determination. In key presentation to sponsors, the Incremental Transformation agent with the support of stakeholders as appropriate, represents the transformational and value improvement opportunities, seeking or endorsement for change from sponsor. Subject to endorsement, the Incremental Transformation agent, draws up a high-level action plan as feedback to the separate Implementation project.


Timescales are subject to complexity of process investigated. Incremental Group suggests a minimum of five days is allocated to the Identification and Capture stages with further iterations as appropriate.  Incremental Group suggests a further five days is allocated for Validation, Segmentation and Determination stages.


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