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Webinar - What is Customer Insights?  
27th February 2020
11:00 - 11:45

Unify and understand all your customer data with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights.

To compete in today’s busy markets, organisations need to be able to build meaningful and personalised relationships with their customers. The ability to intelligently personalise experiences at scale requires a complete, unified view of customers.

As part of our ongoing series of webinars, we are focusing on how Dynamics 365 Customer Insights can help you easily and intelligently improve your customer relationships. Join Moreno Vardanega (Associate Data Scientist, Incremental) and Umar Bari (Partner Technical Architect, Microsoft) as they provide an introduction to Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and showcase its abilities.  

Join us, to discover how your organisation can use Customer Insights to pull together all your customer data and drive forward customer-centric experiences and processes. 

See Customer Insights in action

This webinar will provide information on:

  1. An introduction to Dynamics 365 Customer Insights 
  2. Connecting customer data from various sources
  3. Harnessing your data for intelligent insight and action 
  4. Extending further with the wider Dynamics 365 platform.