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Marketing teams today are faced with increasing demands, increased
competition, the need to measure and prove results, as well as aligning priorities with other functions, in particular sales. This has resulted is an increasing need and demand for sophisticated, personalised and connected marketing tactics from businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing is Microsoft’s enterprise grade marketing
tool. Microsoft’s marketing solution is a modern, adaptable product that helps you put the customer and their preferences at the heart of all your marketing activities.

As a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner, we have developed this guide to provide you with an insight into the product and its capabilities. The guide discusses modern marketing techniques and how the capabilities of Microsoft’s marketing solution can help you move beyond basic marketing. This guide also provides an insight into the benefits of adoption along with your pricing and licensing options.

This product guide covers:

  • Modern marketing tactics 
  • Dynamics 365 for Marketing product capabilities 
  • The benefits of investing in the platform
  • Prices and licensing.