digital transformation for SMBs


Digital Transformation 

The term digital transformation can be daunting. It brings forth visions of radical change and sounds expensive. This leads many small and medium businesses (SMB) to think of it as unattainable. Digital transformation is even more important for SMBs as they have fewer resources than larger organisations but face the same range of challenges. One of the main ways SMBs can achieve their objectives is the correct application of technology. 

Our approach to digital transformation involves creating a vision of where you are trying to get to and then breaking this down into manageable projects with clear objectives. It is about transforming at a pace that suits your organisation.

In this guide we explore the steps an SMB can take to start their digital transformation journey. We also discuss the range of suitable solutions that are available from Microsoft to aid your digital transformation.

This guide includes:

  • The four pillars of digital transformation
  • A digital transformation self assessment
  • Your digital transformation journey
  • Digital transformation with Microsoft


Incremental Group helps SMBs understand and exploit Microsoft technology to drive improvements in their business one step at a time. We work with a wide range of growing organisations to help them transform, such as: Well Safe Solutions, HiETA Technologies, 

We are a leading Microsoft gold partner helping organisations to drive digital transformation with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Office 365, Power BI and Azure.