With lockdown easing, organisations face many hurdles in getting their people back to work safely.

Creating a safe and flexible working environment while maintaining productivity is of paramount importance. Organisations must look for ways to leverage technology that enables distanced and remote collaboration without compromising safety or business continuity.

Our online Digital Workplace Readiness Assessment identifies quick and effective digital solutions that will allow your organisation to create a hybrid working practice that supports both workplace distancing and remote workers.

The Digital Workplace Readiness Assessment will take approximately one day. Each of the sessions listed below will be carried out online and may be done on the same day or across different days and include:

  • A 2-hour exploratory workshop
  • A Digital Workplace Insights Session.
The exploratory workshop will be delivered by one of Incremental's cloud solution specialists. We will work with your key stakeholders to identify the main challenges and priority areas for change. The workshop explores:
  • Current infrastructure and cloud implementations
  • Software, hardware and access requirements for remote/information workers
  • Beyond remote workers – the unique needs of your on-site workforce
  • Challenges for managing the health of your workforce
  • Existing options for a hybrid or phased return to work.


Exploratory workshop

The 2-hour exploratory workshop is used to formulate a Digital Workplace Insights session, which will be tailored to your digital workplace requirements.

Digital Workplace Insights session

At the Digital Workplace Insights session, we will present considerations and technology recommendations, based on the most relevant requirements identified at the exploratory workshop.

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The above approach is an example. The assessment is flexible and tailored to suit your requirements.

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