We will implement Dynamics 365 for Talent for your organisation in just 4 weeks. During our implementation our team of Dynamics 365 Consultants will deliver all modules of D365 for Talent.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent is rewriting the way HR technology is viewed. Talent has been designed to support the entire employee lifecycle and is full of functionality to automate and simplify steps for your HR team and deliver great experiences to your employees

Our 4 week implementation focuses on delivering value quickly by delivering each module in turn to give you capability as quickly as possible. As a Microsoft Gold partner, we know Dynamics 365 and have a large team of certified Dynamics 365 Consultants in house. Your implementation will be carried out by a Delivery Team from Incremental Group including a Project Manager, Dynamics 365 Consultants, Developer and Cloud Team.

  • Phase 1 – Requirements validation, design and set-up – Week 1

During this phase Incremental Group will validate all requirements for the project and the associated deliverables. We will gain a detailed understanding of your business, workflows and processes to enable us to map the “journey of data”. This will enable us to implement the optimum D365 for Talent solution with the right workflow configurations with the focus being on meeting requirements “out of the box” wherever possible. During this phase we will provision the cloud environment with Microsoft.

  • Phase 2 – Implementation of Core HR Module – Week 2

We will deliver:

  • Organisation structures (departments, roles and reporting lines)
  • Compensation and benefits plans
  • Define and enrol employees on leave and absence plans
  • Training and employee development (course, skills and certification set up) and creation of a skills matrix
  • Phase 3 – Implementation of Attract & Onboard – Week 3

We will configure and deploy the attract, onboard modules. We will configure and automate workflows and approval processes to streamline recruitment and onboarding. We will include employee exit templates and associated workflows to enable automation.

  • Phase 4 – Implementation of Employee Self-Service – Week 4

We will focus on delivery of your employee self service portal, delivering an intuitive branded portal, adding functionality for holiday and training requests, update of skills and personal details. We will define security permissions and policies by user role type. Performance management templates and processes will be define and implemented, supported by the creation of Hierarchical workflows to enable automated approvals.

During each phase we will be carrying out testing, reviewing with project owners and carrying out super user training.


You will have Dynamics 365 for Talent fully set up with all modules functioning


The above does not include licenses. For all licence queries we will provide an additional quote that is  subject to user numbers and requirements. A LinkedIn Recruiter license is available and recommended to fully utilise the Attract module.The delivery timeline can be tailored for your organisation.

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