Power Apps can extend your ERP and empower your employees. In our 1 day workshop we will identify where you organisation would benefit from a Power App, create a gap analysis, list your recommended Power Apps and build your first Power App.

Power Apps are a great way of unlocking the potential of your cloud and on-premise data and systems and delivering the benefits to your employees. With Power Apps you can create custom applications that work on mobile devices to support a wide range of tasks, allowing you to share and capture information on the go, simplify processes and remove manual or paper steps.

During our 1 day workshop we will work with you to identify where you could benefit most from Power Apps and create a plan to achieve this.

This workshop is designed for users of Dynamics 365 that are looking to embed their on-premises systems, enable their employees on the move and get more out of Dynamics 365.

Example applications

  • Supplier mobile application – providing purchasing managers with supplier information when they are out visiting suppliers, get access to current costs, delivery times and quality information on the go.
  • Production Orders application – an application for your shop floor, to create a production order after a sales order has been received, allowing employees the ability to check stock levels as they go, creating pick lists and report as finished directly into D365.
  • Project application – allowing employees to enter time directly against a project and build this into the project accounting module in Dynamics 365.
  • New joiner processes – schedule workflows with predefined steps every time someone joins your organisation to make sure they have all the access, equipment and certifications they need straight away.



Morning: Identify requirements

We will spend the first half of the day understanding your system and requirements to identify several different ways you could benefit from Power Apps. 

Afternoon: Build your first Power App

In the second half of the day we will pick a Power App and build it with you. Our consultant will talk you through the process of building the app and get it up and running for you.



After we have completed the workshop we will share with you a gap analysis and a set of recommended applications and a quote for the delivery of these applications. On top of this you will also receive your first Power App.


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