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Live event 
17th June 2020
10:00 - 10:45

Proactive Customer Service: Lower operational costs while improving customer experiences

Covid-19 has rapidly changed the way all organisations have had to operate. One of the areas most affected has been customer service with the channels we rely on coming under strain and no longer being fit for purpose.

In the current economic climate, scaling customer service teams is not an option for all. However, the need to provide a  proactive customer service experience remains of the upmost importance. Organisations are having to make innovative adjustments quickly - from optimising current customer service channels such as telephony to adopting new channels and integrations such as social media, SMS, chatbots and self-serve portals. 

Join Incremental's Live Event to discover how Dynamics 365 Customer Service is automating and optimising the customer experience for organisations during Covid-19. 

Register today and learn how to:

  • Achieve greater agent productivity by providing visibility, context, and the right tools to speed up resolutions
  • Provide consistent customer experiences through true omnichannel service
  • Personalise services across channels with AI enabled insights
  • Unify technology to simplify and humanise automated experiences.