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The Next Generation Manufacturing - How to transform into a digital business

As digitalization takes over the world, manufacturers everywhere need to change to survive, developing new capabilities that can drive competitiveness and growth. But what does this really involve and how do they succeed? In this paper, we discuss the opportunities for the discrete manufacturing industry to grow, adapt and evolve to address the changing needs of its customers and capture new business potential, and how Microsoft can help accelerate its digital transformation.

Technology in UK Manufacturing

UK manufacturing and the global race for a technology-led industrial revolution New technology has been helping UK manufacturers seize a global competitive advantage for almost 250 years. Back in 1785, Edmund Cartwright invented the steam powered loom and ensured Britain lead the world’s first industrial revolution.

Today, the Internet of Things, artificially intelligent automation and cloud services, promise a similar seismic shift in production capability. Smart machinery, capable of autonomously assessing and adjusting manufacturing processes, could enable huge advances in 21st century manufacturing productivity.

New connectivity will enable far greater collaboration within supply chains. Where once production was an insular process, involving one manufacturer assembling components into finished goods. Now suppliers and customers will be brought live insight into orders via cloud- connected lineside technology. The future promises far greater manufacturing agility and product personalisation, with smarter equipment able to adjust instantaneously to order demands. Manufacturing is about to move from the analogue to the digital age.