For organisations looking to migrate content from a legacy SharePoint on-premises instance, network file share or another source into Microsoft 365. 

Document collaboration on Microsoft 365 

Productivity in a modern workplace relies on the secure and collaborative movement of information, particularly when working remotely. One of the core functionalities available in Microsoft 365 is cloud-powered document management and collaboration, via either OneDrive, SharePoint Online or Teams. Microsoft 365 offers best in class document collaboration features such as co-authoring, versioning, retention and data loss prevention. These features elevate everyday document management, enabling employees to work better, faster and smarter.

What are the benefits of moving content to Microsoft 365? 

Any organisation looking to improve its collaboration can benefit from migrating content to the cloud:
  • Flexible working allows users to access content from anywhere through a variety of devices
  • Collaboration features help to improve productivity
  • Security and compliance features available to protect your data
  • Removes dependency on internal infrastructure or 3rd party products
  • No additional cost if you are already using Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft 365 is an evergreen environment meaning users have access to an ever-expanding list of services and features.
During the assessment, we will evaluate your requirements and choose the best solution and migration pathway for your organisation.

Content Migration Assessment process 

The key deliverable for this assessment is to create a clear, actionable migration plan with recommendations on how to best utilise your M365 licences.

The assessment will cover:

  • Defining the information architecture for the new Microsoft 365 solution.
  • Identify potential blockers to be resolved before the migration begins.
  • Map between the existing document storage location(s) and the new information architecture.
  • Develop a project breakdown for how the migration will be structured, this will usually be split into distinct phases or waves.
  • Identify candidates for a pilot migration to stress test the migration process.
  • Outline the best approach and tools to carry out the migration, including any associated license costs.
  • Provide high-level timescales detailing indicative dates for the migration project.
Our Incremental consultants follow a standard proven process to move content to Microsoft 365 however, we understand no two organisations are the same. Organisations will be at different points in their journey into Microsoft 365 and therefore have different requirements. We will tailor our engagement based on your needs to create a truly personalised migration package.

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