Incremental’s Microsoft 365 Optimisation Assessment helps organisations understand their current working patterns and identifies where Microsoft 365 services can be used to improve these. Any organisation with a presence in Microsoft 365 can harness the benefits of this assessment to drive productivity. 

Harnessing productivity in your business 

Incremental’s Microsoft 365 Optimisation Assessment provides your organisation with a holistic approach to business improvement. Using a blend of business analysis and modern workplace consultancy, the assessment focuses on the needs of your people and aligns this to your organisational strategies. The assessment provides you with a snapshot of your organisation, to help you understand its current optimisation position and enabling you to identify areas for future improvement.   

What are the benefits? 

Our Microsoft 365 Optimisation Assessment empowers you to benefit from:
  • Increased productivity – delivered via a roadmap of suggested changes to facilitate a more productive working environment.
  • Improved technology – recommendations on how to optimise your tools to enhance communications and staff engagement. 
  • Increased efficiency – recommendations that allow you to maximise ROI from your Microsoft 365 subscription. 

The assessment will analyse your organisation’s current use of Microsoft 365 and provide you with an optimisation score across several key areas (collaboration, adoption, governance, business processes and migration). Using these scores, our experts will identify the areas of your organisation which offer the best ROI opportunity and provide a roadmap on how to achieve improved productivity. 

Assessment structure

Step 1 - Questionnaire 
Incremental conducts a survey aimed at a cross section of business users which will provide an understanding into the challenges your organisation is facing. Survey participants are identified with the project sponsor and responses are anonymised to promote open and honest feedback. 

Step 2 - Deep dive workshops 
Once the survey has been completed, Incremental generates an optimisation score for each of the key areas. This is followed by up to two deep-dive workshops, each of which will investigate the most critical areas for improvement in detail. The workshops are designed to understand current practices and allow Incremental to develop a prioritised action plan for change, in line with your strategy. Workshop sessions are facilitated by experienced business analysts and technical consultants and will be attended by a cross section of users from multiple levels within your organisation (maximum 10).

Step 3 - Deliverables
Incremental delivers an optimisation assessment report which combines findings from the survey and the workshops. In the report we provide a detailed roadmap with tailored recommendations designed to empower your organisation to overcome its biggest challenges and enhance productivity with Microsoft 365.

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