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Minimise risk by migrating on-premises ERP solutions to Azure

The disruption caused by Covid-19 has impacted many organisation’s business-as-usual practices. Many are hindered by on-premises applications, creating accessibility issues for remote workers.

On-premises legacy applications such as Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV or GP, were not built to operate efficiently for remote workers, and there is a significant risk in exposing your organisation’s data outside of your own data centre. Furthermore, many of these ERP solutions have reached end-of-support, and with no software updates, this leaves organisations vulnerable to cyberattacks.

In our guide, we discuss the cost and security benefits of moving on-premises Dynamics ERP solutions to hosted in Azure, and what you can do to secure your Dynamics ERP systems right now. Download the guide to discover:

  • What does end-of-support mean?
  • Risks of remaining on unsupported ERP software
  • Cost savings from moving on-premises to Azure
  • Cloud migration benefits and options.