NfP whitepaper

Non-profit organisations are facing hard times. Cut backs by central government have meant charities have lost £3.8 billion in funding over the past decade. Less money at local government level is leaving councils stretched to breaking point. Brexit too is a cloud on the horizon as UK charities stand to lose £258 million in EU funding.

The private sector has been investing in advanced digital technologies for some time now: mobile computing, automation, ecommerce, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Digital Transformation is a term gaining much currency that leverages these technologies. For non-profit organisations, investing in the digital world is daunting; leaders need to see that the investment will add genuine value.

In this whitepaper we discuss:

  • How non-profits can drive digital change
  • What digital transformation means for the sector
  • The four pillars of digital transformation
  • Fundraising trends in 2018