Improve employee productivity through automation with Office 365.

What’s it all about?

Business process automation is the use of technology to streamline processes with the aim of making employees more efficient or saving costs by transferring processing from legacy systems.

By automating internal processes organisations can help replace manual effort with more streamlined automated processes. This helps employees by reducing time required on certain tasks, improving the accuracy of the information received and reducing the possibility of manual errors.  

Key automation tools

Business process automation typically involves one or all the following: gathering data in a specified format, automating repetitive tasks and approval of documents or content. These tasks vary from organisation to organisation, but Office 365 provides services which can be tailored to meet the needs of most organisations. There are 3 main Office 365 services which can be utilised when automating business processes these are:

  • SharePoint
  • Power Apps
  • Power Automate.


SharePoint provides a platform to gather and collate information in pre-defined formats. This can either be documents uploaded into SharePoint or list-based data. SharePoint lists are ideal to store certain types of information as they allow business users to define the information they need to capture via the front end and SharePoint will automatically generate forms for end users to complete this information. SharePoint also has a granular permissions model which allows business to control who should be able to read, update and delete this information.

Power Apps

Power Apps is aimed at business users with a degree of technical knowledge. Users can access and design simple interfaces by dragging and dropping components onto a screen. Power Apps can be used in the browser or via an app installed on a tablet/phone. When used on tablets and phones it can access device-based information for things like geographic location or pictures on the camera. The data captured here can be saved into SharePoint or a variety of other places such as Dynamics 365.

Power Automate

With the data in place, the next step is to add some automated processing or notification so users can be prompted to review or action the data gathered. Power Automate does this. Power Automate is a workflow-based engine which can be scheduled to run at certain times or can respond to certain events. Once started Power Automate can then interact with other services within Office 365 or can connect into external 3rd parties.

Our Services

Incremental will work to  understand your existing process and evaluate where Office 365 can be used to either save costs for the organisation or reduce the effort of the employees involved.  We also provide consultancy services around process design.

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