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What’s it all about?

Collaboration tools allow teams to work smarter by more effectively bringing members together to discuss, share and shape ideas. Project discussions can be informal to encourage idea generation, or more formal during review, approval and release stages, with co-authoring and content control effectively streamlining the content management lifecycle.


Why collaboration with Office 365?

Collaboration is at the core of Office 365; several tools are available to enable teams to communicate within their project teams, across departments and throughout their organisations in a way that suits them. SharePoint, Teams, Yammer and Planner make for easy discussion, idea sharing and project coordination, while improved co-authoring and document review features within OneDrive and Office apps streamline the content development process. Team members can edit documents simultaneously, in a single location, reducing email overload and duplication, significantly improving document review and approval timescales and encouraging rapid productivity.


Key collaboration tools


Every Office 365 license comes with its own OneDrive storage location, where users can create and store content. They can share documents directly with colleagues rather than sending document copies, and co-author files simultaneously and in real time. Versioning and roll-back is fully supported, so there is no risk of losing content during collaborative authoring.

MS Teams

Teams has all the tools to bring teamworking into a single location and keep records of progress and project history. Multiple channels are supported to manage sub-threads, and each has an associated Planner to control and manage activities, tasks, deadlines and deliverables. Files stored in Teams have similar review and co-authoring features as OneDrive, allowing rapid iteration and progress.


For wider content sharing and storage, SharePoint provides easy document versioning, approval workflows, categorisation, search and control. Content can easily be promoted throughout the organisation using communications sites and roll-up web parts to consistently and dynamically promote the most relevant content to every user. Document control, relevance and retiral is managed by workflow tasks and granular security, taking away the pain of manual document control.


Our Services

By encouraging use of the Office 365 collaboration tools, we aim to enable our customers to reduce email overload, communicate more effectively and reduce lengthy content generation timescales, creating more agile and engaged teams with higher productivity.

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