Creating a digital home for your employee communications, supporting collaboration and communication throughout your organisation.


What’s it all about?

Intranets were historically top down communication platforms managed by an internal communications or HR team. This model involved very little input or collaboration from employees, often resulting in poor engagement. 

Intranets have evolved to be more collaborative and have a wider remit. The inclusion of RSS feeds, news and links to business systems  have transformed Intranets from a top down communication tool to an employee focused platform that most organisations can't live without.

Intranets help empower employees by giving them the supporting information they need to perform their day to day tasks. By ensuring employees have access to the latest organisation news and policies they are better informed as a whole thus can make better decisions.


Creating your Intranet

SharePoint Online contains the core building blocks available to create an Intranet. If your organisation already has a presence within Office 365 a lot of the core components which can be used in SharePoint Online to help develop an intranet.

Some core features within SharePoint online are using hub sites for grouping content together and the ability to roll up news from a collection of locations into a single place. Hub sites also allow you to ensure a common brand across all sites ensuring the user gets a consistent branded experience.

Incremental provides best practice guidance for getting your intranet up and running and works with organisations to extend SharePoint. 

Example pages

Home page

News page

Department page


Our Services

Incremental's SharePoint consultants have years of experience building intranet solutions within SharePoint and Office 365. They work with organisations to define the information architecture (IA) for the intranet providing suggestions and best practices. We also have sample intranet solutions built on components within Office 365 which can be used as is or as the bases of a wider solution to help generate ideas and accelerate development. 



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