Empowering the Oil & Gas and Mining Industry -  How digital transformation creates new opportunities

While oil, gas and mining companies rank among the largest and most influential organizations in the world, they also face monumental challenges that threaten their stability. At the same time, innovations in digital technologies offer powerful tools that can revolutionize how the oil, gas, and mining industry operates. It is imperative that forward-thinking industry players explore the transformative opportunities presented to them by today's technology advances. Incrementall Group have worked with the oil and gas industry for 30 years in Aberdeen, helping them embrace new tehcnology and modernise their organisations.

In this whitepaper Microsoft l highlight overall business trends and how the industry is facing enormous pressures and challenges that are driving technological revolution and the need for transformative solutions. Then we will showcase several examples of how Microsoft's technology is enabling the oil, gas and mining industry to become thriving digital business that sustainably provide energy, metals, minerals and raw materials that fuel economic prosperity.