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Dynamics 365 Sales

Relationship selling is the concept of building these long-term relationships with your customers that will lead to future sales. Building long term and profitable relationships has never been harder, with more than 7 people involved in each buying decision and 20% of professionals changing role each year. Sellers are left with a huge challenge. It requires rethinking the way you communicate as a seller— not just in the tools used, but in the way you use those tools to reach out, engage, and develop deeper connections. 

Dynamics 365 Sales is Microsoft’s market leading CRM solution designed to enhance our sales team’s productivity and build relationships. Nucleus found that organisations using Dynamics 365 Sales, LinkedIn and Office 365 achieved a 12-15% increase in productivity. In this guide we discuss how Dynamics 365 Sales makes your sales team more productive and helps you build profitable relationships.


In our guide we discuss:

  1. Challenges facing a modern sales teams
  2. Dynamics 365 Sales
  3. Unifying the seller experience
  4. How Dynamics 365 Sales helps sales teams
  5. Dynamics 365 Sales price and licenses
  6. What does the market say about Dynamics 365 Sales