Webinar - watch the recording

Prepare your organisation for remote working

With the Government instructing all citizens to work from home if they can and the COVID-19 crisis set to continue to impact normal working life around the globe, we are seeing organisations having to make big decisions and changes quickly. One of these decisions is ensuring their people are equipped to work from home. Enabling successful remote working will be key to maintaining collaboration and productivity during the coming months.  

To help our customers shift their entire workforce to working from home during this period, Incremental hosted a webinar for our customers on remote working. Watch the recording now and find out how your organisation can quickly adopt remote working practices with Microsoft Teams. 

Discover how Teams can help keep productivity and collaboration high

The webinar, which is just over 20 minutes long, provides information on:

  1. The implications and challenges of remote working 
  2. Company wide updates
  3. Conference calls (including video) internally and with customers/stakeholders 
  4. Collaborating on projects 
  5. Getting started quickly with Microsoft Teams 6 months free.