Skype to Teams guide-1


Your guide to a smooth journey
from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams

On the 1 September 2019, Skype for Business became unavailable to new customers and it will be retired completely on 31 July 2021. Instead, Teams is now the standard solution for voice, messaging, collaboration and meeting capabilities. Teams is the go-to solution for collaboration and communication. This is a significant transition for many organisations, and it will inevitably raise some questions and concerns. What is the future for Skype for Business Online? Can the two solutions be used at the same time?

This guide is designed to help IT Directors and IT Managers to seamlessly plan their
journey from Skype for Business to Teams. It discusses the value-add impact
of Teams, how to prepare for a successful upgrade, and the upgrade options available
to support your users.

  • About Microsoft Teams
  • Why upgrade to Teams?
  • Migration pathways
  • Pricing and next steps