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Building a resilient supply chain with Dynamics 365

Live event 
7th September 2020
10:00 - 10:45

Coronavirus has reshaped supply chains for good. Discover how your organisation can future proof its supply chain and build long term resilience. 

Covid-19 has rapidly changed the way all organisations have had to operate. It is safe to say coronavirus has made its mark on supply chains - from unpredictable demand and supply fluctuations to mandatory social distancing measures within warehouses and reduced team sizes. Manufacturers around the globe are having to assess operations and look to digital tools to rapidly build resilience into their supply chains. 

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management is empowering organisations to proactively transform every aspect of their supply chain operations in response to Covid-19 - from proactively managing asset maintenance and repairs to ensure optimum levels of operation, to planning warehouse resources based on activities for goods receiving and dispatching.

Join Incremental's supply chain resilience live event as we discuss the criticality of supply chain risk management in a world of Covid-19 (and beyond) and how Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management can assist. 

The event will discuss:

  • How supply chains have changed due to the social and economic impacts of Covid-19.
  • The importance of supply chain risk management and realising the new normal in the ways we work.
  • Moving from reactive to proactive operations with digital automation to strengthen the resilience in your supply chain.