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Taming the wild west with effective Power Platform governance. 

The Microsoft Power Platform is an incredible suite of business applications which everyday provides millions of people the opportunity to create something better than the status quo, the ability to make a change. 

However with the unlimited opportunities the Power Platform provides, adoption can quickly spiral out of control, leading to a wild west in terms of governance. This can be hard to bring under control. Common challenges faced include:

  • No single view of all Power Platform components 
  • No oversight of what connectors are being used and where 
  • No central standards or consistency of use 
  • Soiled knowledge and best practice.

Fear not, by introducing a Power Platform Centre of Excellence, your organisation can bring its use of the Power Platform under control. While it is important to strike the right balance between freedom and control, a Centre of Excellence aligns your use of tools and technology with best practice, to ensure efficiency and encourage innovation throughout your organisation. This means keeping control while investing in and nurturing growth within the organisation and ensuring success is not siloed.

Recorded live from the wild west of Scotland, Incremental's Adam Sroka, Head of Power Platform, and Paddy Byrne, Senior Dynamics Consultant, explain how you can tame your Power Platform usage with effective governance. 

The event covers:

  • Common challenges faced with rapid Power Platform adoption
  • The benefits of effective governance
  • Incremental's Power Platform centre of excellence philosophy
  • Tools to get you started