Watch the recording: Unlocking the customer journey with AI

Gear up for a transformative experience, tailor-made for leaders in Professional and Financial Services. Join Microsoft Technical Specialist, Charlie Yorke-Starkey, Incremental Sales Lead, Toby Harris, and Incremental Senior Pre-Sales Consultant, James Freel, in this on-demand webinar as they equip you with the tools and insights to leverage Microsoft's AI capabilities within Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, enhancing your CRM, marketing, sales and billing processes.

Here’s what this webinar covered:

AI Integration in customer engagement
  • Master the art of integrating AI to elevate marketing outreach and CRM efficiency
  • Discover real-time analytics tools that offer actionable insights for strategic decision-making
Enhancing the sales process
  • Uncover AI-driven approaches to streamline sales from initial engagement to onboarding
  • Delve into the alliance of Microsoft Viva Sales and Copilot, offering a comprehensive view of CRM relationship health, and enabling targeted, impactful efforts

Brand new demos, exploring: