citrix virtual desktops

Virtual Desktops Guide

5 reasons organisations love desktop virtualisation

Work does not just happen at work anymore. It occurs on the road, and it occurs where remote workers live. And it happens after business hours – especially when your clients and colleagues are in different time zones.

Nowadays, work happens wherever and whenever your team needs it to happen. It is why workers need all of their files and applications to be easily accessible across all of their devices. The more devices that your team uses to work, the more complex your IT becomes.

This guide discusses Virtual Desktops, a desktop virtualisation solution from Citrix, and the benefits it offers in allowing the user to access their desktop from anywhere, on any device and, from any network connection. The guide is aimed at any organisation that offers remote working or BYOD and is looking to create a seamless and secure working environment.

 This guide covers:
  • What is desktop visualisation?
  • An introduction to Virtual Desktops
  • 5 benefits of Virtual Desktops
  • Citrix health check for Virtual Desktops