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End of support for Windows Server 2008/R2: How to use end-of-support as an opportunity to move to the cloud.

The 14th January 2020, marked the end of extended support for Windows
Server 2008/R2, both of which are no longer supported by Microsoft. For
users of Windows Server 2008/R2, this is the end of regular security updates.
Organisations must avoid the challenges and vulnerabilities caused by

End-of-support is like any lifecycle milestone – it offers organisations a chance to reassess directions and set up for the future. With the right strategies, organisations can make sure they are protected, that their infrastructure is secure and that their technology stack is future-driven.

This guide provides you with the information you need to assess your upgrade options,
create an end-of-support plan and develop a strategic roadmap for upgrading.

 This guide covers:
  • What does end-of-support mean?
  • Impact of end-of-support
  • Reasons to migrate to Azure
  • Migration paths to Azure
  • Cost savings from moving on-premises to Azure
  • Cloud migration methodology
  • Windows 2008/R2 end-of-support migration offers